Let's eliminate hazing.


David K. Easlick, Jr.

I am a "hazing and risk management specialist". I was the Executive Director of Delta Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity for over 20 years. In such role, I became familiar with just about all outrageous conduct by undergraduate young men on the college campus. I spent years combating it, and attempting to correct and eliminate it. A member of the Fraternity Executives Association for 30 years, affiliate member of the North American Inter-Fraternity Conference, associate member of the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors, business member, Association for Student Conduct Administration, past member of FIPG and FRMT, I am the most qualified expert witness you can consult re: Fraternal law suits.

As a lawyer and former litigator, I offer unique advice to counsel seeking it. I do not try cases and am not seeking out litigation clients. My role is expert witness and consultant. I am presently working as an expert witness on a wrongful death case against a leading fraternity. I am awaiting evaluation materials in other cases. I appear in a CNN interview to be aired, and consult with the New York Times, and BBC. While I will not try cases personally, if you or a family member are victims of outrageous behavior traceable to Greek Life, feel free to call me at 202 409 4306 to discuss your problems and, where appropriate, I may recommend counsel known to me who will help you. I intend to do what I can to eliminate hazing, sexual abuse, absurd binging on today's college campus. My Facebookpage lists daily results of undergraduate stupidity.

Non-Profit Leadership

Lawyer - Consultant - Fundraiser
David K. Easlick, Jr., LLC
1984 – Present (32 years)|Novi, Michigan, Kilmarnock, Virginia

I have taken on a new task. I will be serving as an expert witness and assist in trials dealing with active member of the Fraternity Executives Association, former member of FIPG / FRMT, and affiliate member of the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors, past delegate and current affiliate Risk Management engendered lawsuits involving fraternities. Subject matter will be hazing, wrongful death, sexual harassment, and other litigation arising from fraternity "bad acts". As an experienced lawyer with 20 years experience as the executive director of an international fraternity, 25 year member of the North American Inter-fraternity Association, I am eminently qualified for my new role. While I am currently working on a multi million dollar case against a major fraternity and awaiting materials in three other cases, I am ready to help. Anyone in need of advice or assistance in locating counsel should feel free to contact me. I do not try cases, but I am glad to refer to experienced counsel nationally. I am also the Chairman of Common Sense Foundation, a Charitable Foundation empowered to lecturing, publishing, educating and informing potential students, students, alumni, parents and educational institutions concerning the advantages and perils of joining Greek letter membership organizations at colleges and universities, including combating hazing and the dangers of substance abuse associated with membership.

Executive Director, Board Member, Foundation President
Delta Kappa Epsilon
1980 – 2009 (29 years)|Grosse Pointe, Washington DC, Richmond VA, Ann Arbor, Naples, FL

DKE Partners, a Michigan Limited Partnership, Ann Arbor Michigan, '80-'86, owned, managed and operated 36 occupant fraternity house.
The Omicron Literary Association, Detroit Area, '72-'10, board member and officer DKE Michigan Alumni Association.

Phi Literary Association, Mother Phi Foundation New Haven CT, '10-'13, managed and operated 2 Yale University DKE fraternity houses and alumni association. Qualified alumni public charity.

Awards: Won the Delta Kappa Epsilon William M. Henderson Alumni Service Award, the Zeta Psi Fraternity James M. McLaughlin Inter-fraternity Service Award, and several other inter-fraternal and free speech awards.

Advocacy: Led the fight in Congress for a freedom of association resolution; advocated for fraternity rights to ensure all those on public or private campus enjoy the same rights to free association and private property enjoyed by ordinary citizens. Founded and coordinated two 501(c)(10) coalitions: Restore Our Association Rights, Inc. (ROAR) and Coalition for Freedom of Association. Chaired the Government Relations Committee of the Fraternity Executives Association from 1994 to 2002. Efforts helped the passage of a Sense of Congress Resolution which became part of the education amendments entitled the "Freedom and Speech and Association act of 1998."

MBA, University of Michigan, Stephen M. Ross School of Business
JD, Michigan State University College of Law
BA, Eastern Michigan University
Attended, University of Michigan

• Member, Fraternity Executives Association, Past Government Relations Chair
• Member, State Bar of Michigan P-27685, Past member Representative Assembly
• Member , North American Inter-fraternity Conference, Past Legal Committee Member
• Member, Association of Fraternity and Sorority Advisors
• Member, FIPG
• Member, American Association of Society Executives
• Member, Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Virginia
• Member, University of Michigan Victors Club
• Member, Presidents Club, University of Michigan Alumni Association
• Member, Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee
• Member / Past Director, FRMT Liability Insurance Company of Vermont
• Member / Past Trustee, Detroit Historical Society

Former Editor, Deke Quarterly
D. Easlick & T. Short, "On the Campus: Frat Boys at Bay," Academic Questions, Vol. 4, No. 5, Fall 1992