Let's eliminate hazing.

Our Mission

I have been a member of an 'international' men's college fraternity for 46 years. In that time I have held any number of offices at the chapter level, on the alumni association, the International, and the Foundation. I daresay, as to fraternities, I have seen everything, the good, the bad and the ugly. My mission and the mission of this Common Sense Foundation, is to make available in a positive way, that experience, plus my education to the greater good.

I am a lawyer with my MBA from the University of Michigan. I put together one of the first chapter house limited partnerships. I was tasked with putting together and qualifying the National Foundation for Delta Kappa Epsilon, which I ran for 27 years. I have been the Executive Director of Delta Kappa Epsilon for 21 years. I led the free spech activities of the fraternity world that resulted in Congressional Resolution of both houses in support of Freedom of Association. I have been a member of FIPG and FRMT. I have presented on hazing, substance abuse, freedom of association, binge drinking and the history of the fraternal movement. I have qualified a number of local chapter foundations including one since the recent unfortunate IRS letter ruling.

I am available for panel discussions, personal advice, presentations to virtually any audience about hazing, binge drinking, choosing a fraternity, putting together a 501(c)(3) organization, and the role of the alumni, undergraduates, college, IFC and fraternity.

Give me a call at (202) 409-4306 or email me at davideaslick@gmail.com

David K. Easlick, Jr.

Common Sense Foundation IRS Letter of Determination